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ILP Empties Buy-Back Terms and Conditions

Important Shipping Notes

ILP cannot pay shipping costs, unless your shipment meets the following criteria:

  • ILP prefers shipments of one or more pallets as this maximizes value for seller and ILP.
  • For parcel shipments: shipment must be 20 pounds or more, in order to qualify for an ILP return shipment label. If your shipment is less than 20 pounds you are welcome to submit, at your own shipping expense.
  • ALL toner cartridges must pass ILP inspection. ILP does not pay for starter cartridges.

Cartridge Packaging

All cartridges must be packed so as to prevent damage.  Please use original packaging whenever possible.  If you do not have original packaging then please use some other protective material like bubble wrap or other lightweight material.

We, carefully, inspect each incoming cartridge and document all damaged units.  ILP cannot pay for damaged units and cannot file claims with carriers, on seller’s behalf.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • ILP’s PO number must appear on all pallets/packages
  • ILP cannot be held responsible for shipments which are not adequately labeled (with PO)
  • All liftgate and non-commercial pickup charges are the responsibility of the seller
  • Seller guarantees ILP that they have clear title and authorization to sell the cartridges
  • All cartridges must be collected from sources (first sold) inside USA
  • All Sort & Settle POs will be valued at BuyBack values as published at time of shipment
  • Any disputes against a finalized PO must be made within 7 days of receiving final PO report